Maximizing Funding Discussion Series: Session 4 – Exploring Opportunities for ARPA Funds

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This is the fourth and final session in the Maximizing Funding Discussion Series, and focuses on opportunities for using ARPA funds.

Discussion topics include:

  • Discuss how collaborations have contributed to success in planning for use of ARPA Funds.
  • Learn more about how to expand programs using ARPA funds.
  • Hear tips on planning from the CBCAP State Lead Agencies in Indiana and Utah.


Valerie Morales
CBCAP Lead Primary Contact
CBCAP Grant Coordinator
Prevention Services
Indiana Department of Child Services

Hannah Robinson
CBCAP State Lead Secondary Contact
Prevention Manager
Prevention Services
Indiana Department of Child Services

Trisha Reynolds
CBCAP State Lead Primary Contact
Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Services Administrator
Utah Department of Human Services
Child and Family Services