Menu of Outcomes and Indicators

What is the menu of outcomes and indicators?

The menu of outcomes and indicators is a listing of potential items for programs to use in creating their logic model. The menu can be accessed below through an interactive search.

How is the menu organized?

The menu of outcomes and indicators is organized by protective factors and relevant domains and then grouped by long-term or short term classifications. You can search using these various terms and keywords to narrow down the list of results.  Once you have identified relevant outcomes, you can download them onto your computer for use in designing your logic model.  Please edit these items to make sure they fit your needs.

How do I use the search below?

The search mechanism below allows you to access the information in several ways. You can search based on:

  • Domains or Protective Factors – you can select one or more in this dropdown menu by merely selecting options from the list by clicking in the box and selecting the relevant items.  You can choose as many as you wish by clicking on the box and adding additional options.
  • Keyword – This will search the outcome language for critical terms.  Remember to be selective in your search terms to prevent generating results that may be too broad.  Search terms such as parents, caregivers, child will yield large numbers of matches.
  • Duration – Choose from short-term or intermediate/long-term items.  These will help focus your search based on your overall needs.

Once you select your search terms and click Get Results, you can work with your results to help meet your needs.  

  1. Read through your results and examine the indicators included as well as the related programs and measurement tools.
  2. Select the outcomes that seem relevant to your needs and click the Add box next to the outcome. This will place them in a list you can download to your computer.
  3. Once you have selected all the outcomes you want, scroll to the bottom of the list, and choose Export Collection to Word. Now you have a word document you can save on your computer and use to cut and paste, edit and make changes as you work on your program or agency logic model.
  4. If your results don’t meet your needs then consider searching again with different search terms. To start over, click clear results to start with a clean slate for search terms.

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