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Parent & Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2022 ENGLISH

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2022 / Padres y Profesionales Otoño de 2022

In this issue:

  • Improving Outcomes for Children and Families Experiencing Domestic Violence
  • New Jersey Men of Courage Community Action Initiative
  • I've Come A Long Way Baby: The Journey from Bondage to Freedom
  • It's Better to Teach than Repair Young Men
  • Dealing with the Trauma of Domestic Violence in the Latino Community
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Resources
  • Parent Leaders in Action

En esta edición:

  • Mejorar los Resultados para Niños y Familias que Sufren Violencia Doméstica
  • Iniciativa de Acción Comunitaria Men of Courage de Nueva Jersey
  • He Recorrido un Largo Camino, Cariño: el Viaje Desde el Cautiverio Hasta la Libertad
  • Es Mejor Enseñar que Reparar a Los Jóvenes
  • Lidiar con el Trauma por la Violencia Doméstica en la Comunidad Latina
  • Recursos de Concientización Sobre la Violencia Doméstica
  • Padres Líderes en Acción
PP Summ 2022

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter Spring 2022 / Padres y Profesionales Primavera 2022

In This Issue:

  • Understanding Adverse Community Experiences and Community Trauma: Building Resilience at the Community-Level
  • Mindfulness Taught Me How to Get My Life Back
  • ACEs From A Father’s Perspective
  • Resilience Supported By Research and Experience
  • My Past Did Not Dictate My Future: Turning Adverse Childhood Experiences into Motivation to Succeed
  • Combating ACEs Through the Child Tax Credit
  • Parent Leaders in Action

En Esta Edición:

  • Comprensión de las Experiencias Comunitarias Adversas y el Trauma Comunitario: Construcción de la Resiliencia a Nivel Comunitario
  • La Consciencia Plena Me Enseñó a Recuperar Mi Vida
  • Las ACE Desde la Perspectiva de un Padre
  • La Resiliencia Respaldada por la Investigación y la Experiencia
  • Mi Pasado no Dictó mi Futuro: Convertir las Experiencias Adversas en la Infancia en Motivación para Triunfar
  • Combatir las ACE a Través del Crédito Tributario por Hijos
  • Padres Líderes en Acción
Parents & Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2021 ENGLISH

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2021

In this issue:

  • The Impact of COVID on Children's Mental Health
  • There is Hope Through Trying Times
  • Finding the Helpers
  • The Shortcomings of Standardized Tests for People with Disabilities
  • Parent Leaders in Action
  • Understanding Dyslexia and the Impact of COVID
  • Resources
PAC Newsletter Winter Spring 2021 English

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter – Winter/Spring 2021

In this issue:

  • Radical Strategies for Creating Parent Partnerships
  • Radical Family Engagement
  • Ronee: A Native American Woman's Story
  • From a Clueless New Father to a National Parent Leader
  • Sharing is Caring
  • Welcome New PAC Members
P P Newsletter Summer2020

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter – Summer 2020

In this issue:

  • Laundry and Loot: Care Counts Laundry Program by Whirlpool
  • Expanding Our Perspective on Medical Neglect-One Mother's Experience
  • Impacting the Community Through Faith and Prevention
  • Josephine's Place-A Hidden Gem in New Jersey is a Second Home for Many Immigrant Women
  • Defining and Preventing Child Neglect: It's Not an Easy Task
  • Making a Difference to Prevent Neglect in Our Community
  • Collaboration Moves at the Speed of Trust
  • Strategies to Address Racial Disparities in Neglect Determinations in MN
Parent And Practitioner Newsletter Winter 2020 English

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter – Winter 2020

In this issue:

  • Undercover Broccoli: Harnessing Summer's Magic
  • Wellness and Resilience for Youth in Our Digital World
  • Let's Talk About Dad's Mental Health
  • Big Tiny Teachers of Vulnerability and Strength
  • The Science of Trauma: Pathways to Recovery
  • The Little Yellow House
  • Recognizing and Addressing Trauma in Children
Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Summer 2019

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter – Summer 2019

In this issue:

  • Focus on Family Homelessness
  • Feeding Community: A Response to Food Insecurity
  • Early Care and Education
  • Horizons Mitigates the Trauma of Early-Childhood Homelessness
  • The Power of Purpose
  • The Growing Epidemic of Youth Homelessness
Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Winter 2019

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter – Winter 2019

Inside This Issue:

  • Dads and Child Safety
  • Supporting Communities Through Darkness to Light
  • Safe Baby Courts Use Collaborative Approach to Ensure Child Safety
  • Speaking Honestly About Safe Sleeping
  • Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug Books: Safe Sleeping Information for Rhode Island Families
  • Spotlight on the States
Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Summer 2018

Parent Practitioner Newsletter Summer 2018

Inside this issue:

  • Stigma-Free Support for Pregnant Moms Using Opioids
  • Seeking Solutions to the Opioid Crisis Through Community Forums
  • Initiative Offers HOPE to those Impacted by Addiction
  • On Our Own-Person Centered Program
  • Recognizing the Signs: A Personal Perspective
  • Spotlight on the States
Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Winter 2018

Parent Practitioner Newsletter Winter 2018

Inside this Issue:

  • YMCA Evening Center
  • We Can’t Do It Alone
  • Agencies Working to Ensure Community Safety Act
  • Walking Thru Bullets
  • Recognizing Parent Leaders
  • Safe Streets-A Community Violence Prevention Program
  • In Appreciation: FRIENDS Recognizes New PAC Alumni



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