Well-Being and the Young Child

Promoting Well-Being for Very Young Children and Their Families

Picture a 2-month old baby girl, safely nestled in her parents' arms. They gaze at her lovingly, seeing in her eyes all the joy, wonder, hope, and possibility of human life. As she grows and develops, this young child has the safe, stable nurturing relationships that she needs to increase the likelihood of reaching her full potential. Well-being can be thought of like "... those skills, capacities, and characteristics that enable young children to understand and navigate their world in healthy, positive ways."

To sustain and realize that hope, prevention programs play a crucial role in supporting families and communities in understanding and addressing infants' and toddlers' needs. By focusing on the early years, prevention efforts help assure that all children reach their fullest potential in cognitive, physical, emotional, and social functioning.

We have collected information in a variety of areas that focus on Promoting Well-Being for Very Young Children. These include: