Prevention Mindset Institute

What is the Prevention Mindset Institute?

The Prevention Mindset Institute, or PMI, is a group of national partners, parents, and six state teams committed to child welfare systems transformation. The six selected states have set ambitious goals designed to create a more prevention-focused and equitable environment to support child and family well-being. The PMI state teams are taking actions to partner with communities, identify critical stakeholders, address policy and structural changes, and track progress towards successful outcomes.

The PMI group meets quarterly. Before each meeting, a topical newsletter is disseminated to stimulate prevention mindset thinking. Technical assistance is available to the state teams according to their needs and priorities. A two-day in-person institute will be held in 2021, allowing state teams to work together away from their home offices. FRIENDS and its national partners consult and collaborate with the teams to bolster efforts. Please see the brochure below for more information on PMI activities, and its expected outcomes, and the newsletter's previous issues.

National Experts partnering in the work include:

State Partners in the work include: