Prevention Mindset Institute

What is the Prevention Mindset Institute?

The FRIENDS National Center for Community-Based Child-ABuse Prevention (FRIENDS) initiated the Prevention Mindset Institute (PMI) to discover strategies showing promise for shifting mindsets toward prevention. FRIENDS' goal is to learn and disseminate our findings with others in the fields of child welfare and prevention. Our vision is that systems currently focused on the aftermath of bad things happening and intervening, shift significant amounts of their energy and resources to prevention and early intervention. A shift to prevention and early intervention offers families the opportunity to overcome circumstantial challenges, making most removals unnecessary, and promoting the best possible outcomes for our nation's children.

Child protection interventions have disproportionately impacted Black, brown, Indigenous, and other families of color. The data demand immediate reflection and action to stop these inequities and to build a more just approach to serving all families.

The PMI is a group of national partners, parents, and state teams committed to child welfare systems transformation. The selected states have set ambitious goals to create more prevention-focused and equitable environments that support child and family well-being. They are partnering with communities, identifying critical stakeholders, addressing policy and structural changes, and tracking progress towards successful outcomes.

Please see the brochure below for an overview and the 2020 – 2021 PMI Summary Report for greater detail on PMI activities and expected outcomes.

National Experts partnering in the work include:

State Partners in the work include: