Family Resource and Support Centers

Family Resource and Support Centers

Family Resource Centers (FRCs) were first established in neighborhoods nationwide in the 1980's. This was part of a movement to strengthen families and communities through addressing needs for family supports aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect, and to provide general assistance and local resources for families. This trend has continued to grow and now many states offer FRCs as a part of their CBCAP funded programs. It should be noted that throughout the nation and the county, FRCs have taken on many forms depending on the community each serves.

Family Resource Centers are generally neighborhood-based drop-in centers. They offer a safe, relaxed setting for family-oriented, on-site programs, resources, activities and classes to strengthen families in their communities. Services are typically provided through collaborative efforts with public and private community-based organizations.

FRCs are typically a warm and welcoming place in the community where any family member can go, not only in times of need, but as a regular part of day-to-day life. Family Resource Centers may offer parent education classes, child development activities, parent-to-parent support groups, after school and academic enrichment, GED and literacy instruction, health information, referrals, and many other programs, activities, and services.

For more information on the steps to establish an FRC, please go to our partner organization, the Chapel Hill Training Outreach Project.

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