Tribal and Migrant Grantees

The purpose of this grant is to provide financial support to selected Tribes, Tribal organizations, and migrant programs for child abuse prevention programs and activities that are consistent with the goals outlined by Title II of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). This legislation specifies that one percent of the available funding from Title II will be reserved to fund Tribes, Tribal organizations, and migrant programs. The goal of the programs and activities supported by these funds is to prevent child abuse and neglect within tribal and migrant populations. The funds must support more effective and comprehensive child abuse prevention activities and family support services that will enhance the lives and ensure the safety and well-being of migrant and Native American children and their families. Some examples of programs that may be funded include, but are not limited to, voluntary home visiting, respite care, parenting education, mutual support, family resource centers, domestic violence services, and other family support services. Applicants were strongly encouraged to implement and adapt evidence-based and evidence-informed programs and practices that reflect the unique cultural characteristics and needs of their communities. The funds must also be used to support an evaluation of the programs and services funded by the grant. Finally, programs funded should develop stronger linkages with the Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Program (CBCAP) State Lead Agency funded under Title II of CAPTA.

These grantees have developed unique approaches to address child abuse and neglect prevention in their communities. Each grantee has chosen a different evaluation approach, but they all share similar program outcomes. Some of these outcomes include increased knowledge of parenting skills, access to support services within the community, implementation fidelity, cultural competence, parental empowerment and development, and improvements in children’s behaviors in response to positive parenting. Dissemination efforts include a focus at the community, state, and national levels, providing information directly to service agencies and researchers through conference and workshop presentations.

On October 1, 2016, ACF funded three projects that include:

Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc.

Location: Marshalltown, IA
Contact: Nikki Hartwig

Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc. will implement the Migrant Family Services program to prevent child abuse and neglect among migrant families with children prenatal thought age five who reside in Marshall County, Iowa. The program components will include intensive intervention services using evidence-based practices, as well as parent education and family support that are designed to strengthen families through home visiting services.

Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas

Location: Horton, KS
Contact: Johanna Thomas
(785) 486-2131

The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas will implement that Kickapoo Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Project to help Kickapoo fathers and father figures strengthen their relationships with their children and families while improving their long-term economic stability. The project will include the implementation of a Family Resource Center and the administration of parenting programs, using the Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred curriculum.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Location: Toppenish, WA
Contact: Lisa Campbell-John

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic will provide Spanish-language parenting education classes using the Los Niños Bien Educados curriculum, targeting low-income, Spanish-speaking migrant families in Yakima County. The goals of the parenting education program are to 1) prevent child abuse and neglect and promote healthy family development; 2) increase family and community protective factors and resilience; and 3) demonstrate the benefits of collaboration among child abuse and neglect prevention programming, major early learning programming, and youth delinquency and gang prevention programming.