FRIENDS Services

What services does FRIENDS provide?

FRIENDS supports CBCAP State Lead Agencies, their local network of public-private grantees and organizations, and Tribal partners by building their capacity to meet the requirements of CAPTA, Title II through the provision of Universal Capacity Building Services, Targeted/ Specialized Capacity Building Services, and Tailored and Intensive Services.

Tiers of Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)

Tier 1

Universal Capacity Building

For Everyone
  • Website Resources 
  • Online Learning Center
  • FRIENDS Listserve

Tier 2

Targeted and Specialized 

For CBCAP Leads and their Grantees
  • All Tier 1 TTA
  • Onsite TTA
  • Peer Learning Calls
  • CBCAP Listserve
  • TA offered by teleconference, webinar or email

Tier 3

Tailored and Intensive Capacity Building 

Partnership between FRIENDS and CBCAP Leads
  • Pre-determined amount of time
  • Desired systems change and implementation
  • All tiers of TTA
  • Ongoing regular coaching
  • Consultation and resource sharing

What areas of prevention do FRIENDS' services focus on?

FRIENDS’ services focus on primary and secondary prevention and targeted training and technical assistance on a variety of topic areas. FRIENDS offers T/TA in areas such as:

  • Evidence-informed and evidence-based programs and practices in child abuse and neglect prevention
  • Program planning and implementation
  • Public awareness programs and initiatives
  • Community collaboration, networking, and collective impact
  • Parent engagement and leadership
  • Peer review, program self-assessment, and outcome evaluation
  • Collaboration with child welfare systems change efforts such as Program Improvement Plans, Child and Family Service Plans, Annual Progress and Services Reports and the Family First Prevention Services Act
  • Respite and crisis nurseries programs
  • Outreach to special populations including diverse and underrepresented groups
  • Maximizing and leveraging funds

This list is just an example of services in T/TA that FRIENDS can offer and state lead agencies and set-aside grantees should contact their FRIENDS T/TA Coordinator to discuss a plan that is individualized for your needs.

What other services does FRIENDS provide?

In addition to on-site T/TA, FRIENDS offers a targeted listserve to share information effectively with states and other prevention partners, a comprehensive website with a variety of information relevant to the prevention community, an Online Learning Center that provides high-quality subject-specific training free of charge, and participation in national, state, and regional training to help share information and best practices.