Voices of Parent Leaders

Sharing the Journey

Sharing the Journey: Voices of Parent Leaders contains twenty stories, including two selections translated into Spanish, created by the parent leaders of the FRIENDS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) who work in their communities and nationally to help family support and child abuse prevention practitioners and organizations. Spoken with his/her authentic voice, each parent shares a unique story of how their lived experiences or parenting leadership journey has positively impacted their personal growth and the well-being of their children, families and community. These vignettes may be used to increase public awareness or as tools to support training for staff, network members, partners, parents and other key prevention stakeholders about the value of meaningful parent engagement and involvement.


Working with Practitioners

Father Neglect

Unexpected Fatherhood and Breaking the Cycle of Neglect

Connect Parents

The Importance of Connecting Parents to Neglect Prevention Resources

Coparent Illus

The Grandparent/Co-parent Story Illustrated Version

Grandparent Coparent

The Grandparent/Co-parent Story

Neglect Story

Story of Neglect


Stopping the Cycle of Abuse


Primary Prevention

Parent Support

Preventing Neglect through Participation in a Parent Support Group

Parent Voice

Parent Voices Make a Difference