Parent & Practitioner Newsletters

PP Summ 2022

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter Spring 2022

In This Issue: Understanding Adverse Community Experiences and Community Trauma: Building Resilience at the Community-Level Mindfulness Taught Me How to Get My Life Back ACEs From A Father’s Perspective Resilience…

Parents & Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2021 ENGLISH

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2021

In this issue: The Impact of COVID on Children’s Mental Health There is Hope Through Trying Times Finding the Helpers The Shortcomings of Standardized Tests for People with Disabilities Parent…

PAC Newsletter Winter Spring 2021 English

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter – Winter/Spring 2021

In this issue: Radical Strategies for Creating Parent Partnerships Radical Family Engagement Ronee: A Native American Woman’s Story From a Clueless New Father to a National Parent Leader Sharing is…

P P Newsletter Summer2020

Parent & Practitioner Newsletter – Summer 2020

In this issue: Laundry and Loot: Care Counts Laundry Program by Whirlpool Expanding Our Perspective on Medical Neglect-One Mother’s Experience Impacting the Community Through Faith and Prevention Josephine’s Place-A Hidden…

Parent And Practitioner Newsletter Winter 2020 English

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter – Winter 2020

In this issue: Undercover Broccoli: Harnessing Summer’s Magic Wellness and Resilience for Youth in Our Digital World Let’s Talk About Dad’s Mental Health Big Tiny Teachers of Vulnerability and Strength…

Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Summer 2019

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter – Summer 2019

In this issue: Focus on Family Homelessness Feeding Community: A Response to Food Insecurity Early Care and Education Horizons Mitigates the Trauma of Early-Childhood Homelessness The Power of Purpose The…

Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Winter 2019

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter – Winter 2019

Inside This Issue: Dads and Child Safety Supporting Communities Through Darkness to Light Safe Baby Courts Use Collaborative Approach to Ensure Child Safety Speaking Honestly About Safe Sleeping Sleep Baby,…

Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Summer 2018

Parent Practitioner Newsletter Summer 2018

Inside this issue: Stigma-Free Support for Pregnant Moms Using Opioids Seeking Solutions to the Opioid Crisis Through Community Forums Initiative Offers HOPE to those Impacted by Addiction On Our Own-Person…

Parent & Practitioners Newsletter Winter 2018

Parent Practitioner Newsletter Winter 2018

Inside this Issue: YMCA Evening Center We Can’t Do It Alone Agencies Working to Ensure Community Safety Act Walking Thru Bullets Recognizing Parent Leaders Safe Streets-A Community Violence Prevention Program…

Parent And Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2017 English

Parent and Practitioner Newsletter Fall 2017

Inside This Issue: Domestic Violence and Safety Planning Domestic Violence Affects Everyone October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month