Strengthening Parent Leadership Discussion Series – Session 1: Parent Leadership Readiness: Action Steps for Parents and Practitioners

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This is the first session of a four part series on Strengthening Parent Leadership, focusing on readiness to engage with parents as partners in prevention work. The CBCAP State Lead Agency from Georgia shares how they prepared for their journey of parent engagement, collaboration and the creation of the Georgia Parent Advisory Council. Parent Leaders from Georgia will also share their experiences of parent leadership and collaboration.


MaryJo Alimena Caruso, T/TA Coordinator
FRIENDS National Center

Deborah Chosewood, Deputy Director
Prevention and Community Support
Georgia Division of Family & Children Services

Natalie Towns, Prevention Section Director
Georgia Division of Family & Children Services

Lindsay Dale
Program Specialist/Parent Advisory Council Liaison

Eileen Graham
Georgia Parent Advisory Council

Samantha Moore Valentine
Georgia Parent Advisory Council

Robin White
Georgia Parent Advisory Council