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Evaluation Toolkit

What is the Evaluation Toolkit?

The FRIENDS Evaluation Toolkit is a resource for developing an individualized outcome evaluation plan from the ground up. It is an on-line compendium of information and resources.

The Toolkit is not intended to take the place of hands-on training or technical assistance; rather it is intended to serve as an entry-level guide for programs to help build evaluation capacity.

Clicking through the links on this site will answer many questions and guide you through many different aspects of evaluation.

Let’s get started!

The toolkit is divided into four linked components. They are:

Building Your Evaluation Plan Logic Model Builder Outcomes and Indicators Annotated Measurement Tools
This component of the toolkit was developed to provide CBCAP programs with a general understanding of outcome evaluation. It includes sections on why evaluate, beginning your evaluation, the components of a logic model, and data analysis. To examine Building Your Evaluation Plan, click here. This component of the toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Child Welfare Information Gateway. It guides users through the process of building a logic model. The logic model may be exported to a Word document for editing. Click here to go directly to the Logic Model Builder. FRIENDS created a menu of common outcomes and indicators targeted by prevention programs. View the menus by clicking here. You can also view them as a component of the Logic Model Builder. The Logic Model Builder will enable you to search outcomes and indicators by key words and domains. In collaboration with our partners, FRIENDS created annotations of over 60 commonly used tools for evaluating prevention-related outcomes. View the annotations by clicking here. These tools are linked to outcomes in the Logic Model Builder. *

If you would like to recommend an evaluation tool for inclusion in this compendium, please send your recommendation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Other Tools and Resources for Evaluation Assistance

FRIENDS Outcome Accountability Guide
If you are the type of person who wants a comprehensive desktop guide to refer to as you develop your outcome accountability and evaluation processes, you may want to order the two-volume FRIENDS Outcome Accountability Guide which includes everything a family support program needs to start identifying, measuring, and reporting the outcomes of their services.
The Protective Factors Survey
Two evaluation tools for measuring participant outcomes are available on this site. One is The Protective Factors Survey, a valid and reliable tool for measuring change in protective factors. It is free and available for downloading on this site. The Survey comes with a downloadable instruction guide and database. The S-PFS, a valid and reliable Spanish adaptation of the Protective Factors Survey is also available for downloading.
Family Support Program Outcome Survey
The Family Support Program Outcome Survey is a tool for measuring the broad outcomes that are shared across many CBCAP programs. Also free of charge, this Survey comes with a downloadable instruction guide and database.