Guide to Storytelling

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A Guide to Support You in Finding Your Voice, Your Value & Your Story

The goal of this guide is to support you as a parent leader, state lead and/or practitioner in crafting a detailed, overarching, and go-to story that effectively illustrates your ro Two women having coffee and thinking le in prevention work for when you communicate with funders, legislators and potential parent leaders.

What will make your story impactful is your ability to show the listener why you get out of the bed in the morning, your passion for this work and why you are the leader you are.

FRIENDS is interested in your growth and successes and your ability to identify what makes you a credible leader or practitioner, while recognizing when a story isn’t helpful (we don’t want to re-traumatize anyone). What makes your story yours is your experiences. Self-reflection is important here. So is being active and passionate in your storytelling. That and your hook: what message do you want people to walk away with? By the end of this process FRIENDS wants you to know this and be able to tell your story in a focused, effective and compelling fashion.

My Prevention Moment is FRIENDS’ virtual story collection opportunity for parent leaders, CBCAP State Lead Agency staff, and practitioners to craft and record a detailed, overarching, and go-to, personal story that effectively illustrates the role of prevention in your life, family, program, or community.  Personal stories of the impact of child abuse prevention/ family strengthening efforts are vital to helping stakeholders connect with CBCAP work and outcomes.  FRIENDS offers the following resources to assist in the story collection opportunity:

  • A platform, Memory Fox, to simplify the process of recording and collecting the audio or audio/visual stories
  • A written step-by-step guidance to assist in preparing a personal story
  • Storytelling prompts to assist and inspire users to craft the central message
  • A recorded “master class” to provide users with additional in-depth preparation and resources they need to effectively communicate their personal experience.

About the Platform:

Memory Fox is a story-telling collection platform utilized by FRIENDS to capture the impact of child abuse and neglect prevention efforts from first-hand experiences as told by parents, practitioners and CBCAP State Lead Agencies.  The collaboration between FRIENDS and Memory Fox is a pilot to support a qualitative approach, specifically storytelling, to data collection and sharing.

Memory Fox does not require a download to participate; simply scan the QR code or click the web link to be taken to the campaign.


  • Users will be required to agree to consent
  • to share their information with the organization and allow their story to be shared publicly prior to submitting their information.
  • Users will choose from a variety of storytelling prompts or create their own prompt to tell an up to 3-minute story of “my prevention moment”.
  • Users may review and rerecord a story until ready to submit.
  • This pilot will be open through May 31, 2023.
  • In an effort to collect a robust collection of diverse stories from parents, practitioners, and state leadership, please share this information and encourage your state and local prevention stakeholders to record their story.


  • When did you truly feel hope and optimism in your prevention journey?
  • What experience as or with a parent, practitioner, or funder changed you?
  • When was a time you experienced belonging in your community?
  • What song title or music lyrics capture the essence of your prevention journey?
  • When was a time you witnessed, first hand, the impact of family-strengthening efforts?
  • At what moment did you feel your voice was valued and how did you use it to make a difference?