FRIENDS PAC Call for Nominations

The FRIENDS National Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) is seeking nominations for parents with expertise or experience in CBCAP priority areas to serve on the FRIENDS Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Nominations may be made by an individual parent leader, CBCAP State Lead Agency or local CBCAP-funded program. Nominations will be open from October 1 – October 26, 2022.

Members of the FRIENDS PAC share their experience and expertise in parent leadership through their active participation in FRIENDS workgroups and the annual CBCAP Grantee Meeting. They assist in the development/review of FRIENDS written materials, produce a parent/practitioner newsletter, and provide the FRIENDS staff with consultation and advice related to parent leadership.

Successful Candidates must:

  1. Demonstrate experience or expertise in community- based child abuse prevention efforts or family support, parent education or home visiting programs.
  2. Expand the geographic reach of the current PAC by serving on behalf of a state or region who has not been represented on the FRIENDS PAC. For information, a map, and biographies of current PAC members, please refer to the FRIENDS website:
  3. Demonstrate a minimum of 1-year parent leadership experience at either the local, state, or national level including examples of experience as a change agent.
  4. Share experience or expertise in any CBCAP target populations, activities or priority areas: specifically, Fatherhood, LGBTQ+ Families, Military Families, Rural Communities or Engaging Tribal and Migrant populations. For more information on CBCAP and the priority areas please refer to:
  5. Have a commitment to child abuse prevention through a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism. This includes active work with peers and others in the advancement of this work.
  6. Contribute to the preparation of the Parent/Practitioner Newsletter as a journalist, workgroup member, or Spanish translation reviewer.
  7. Navigate individual travel (planes, taxis, hotel check-in) with little assistance.
  8. Have daily access to a computer, internet, email and printer.

Selected Nominees will be expected to:

  • Participate in all required conference calls and meetings.
    • Attend monthly virtual PAC meetings via Zoom
    • Serve on a minimum of 1 workgroup or committee per year
    • Have the ability to travel at FRIENDS expense to one annual PAC event or CBCAP Grantee Meeting
    • Contribute to the Parent/Practitioner Newsletter through the procurement or writing of articles.
  • Exhibit knowledge of child abuse prevention topics including:
    • Governmental entities and legislation supporting child abuse prevention
    • Advocacy, education and prevention awareness.
  • Demonstrate good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Represent the perspectives of other parents.
  • Commit to serve a three (3) year term as an active member.
  • Participate in annual opportunities to communicate with their CBCAP State Lead facilitated by FRIENDS staff, the PAC member, the State Lead Agency or other prevention partners.
  • Assist FRIENDS staff and partners with development, review or implementation of Training /Technical Assistance resources or provide translation review of multilingual materials when possible.
  • Occasionally cover small travel expenses (ground transportation, meals, etc.) upfront while awaiting reimbursement.

How to Apply

Nominations (linked below) are due to by October 26, 2022. 
There are 2 options.

  • Parent Nomination
    • Self-nominating parents must complete the Parent Nomination Form and request an Agency Reference / Nomination be completed by a CBCAP State Lead Agency or local prevention program as a reference for the parent. 
  • Agency Reference / Nomination
    • This option should be completed by the CBCAP State Lead Agency or a local prevention program that wishes to act as a reference for a parent.  These nominations will not be considered unless a Parent Nomination Form is completed by the nominee as well.  

Note: Completed applications will include 1 Agency Reference / Nomination form and 1 Parent Nomination form per nominee completed via the links below.

Those needing an extension to the nomination deadline should express their interest in writing to MaryJo Caruso at prior to October 26, 2022.