Matrix of Evidence-Based Practice

Welcome to the Matrix of Evidence‐Based Practice

The Matrix is designed to provide information to CBCAP SLAs to assist in identifying programs they may want to consider funding. It is meant to be used as a starting point and is not an exhaustive list of available programs.

Programs listed in the Matrix were selected based on their relevancy to child abuse and neglect prevention and their presence on at least one of four nationally recognized registries for EI/EB programs and practices:

Note: FRIENDS did not conduct a scientific review of the evidence supporting the programs; instead, it depended on the existing information reported on the various registries. Inclusion in the database does not imply an endorsement by FRIENDS or the Children’s Bureau.

Using the Matrix

To use the Matrix to search for programs and practices, click on the various search criteria below. You can search by:

  • Target Population’s Age
  • Specific Program Title
  • Program Type (i.e., Case management, home visiting, school-based)
  • CBCAP Classification Level

Once you have set your search criteria, click on the green Get Results button.

Hint: If you have several programs you would like to compare, click the compare box in the left-hand side of the program name in your search results and then scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the green Compare Selected button- this will return a side-by-side comparison of the programs selected.