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What is Integrating Evidence-Based Practices Into CBCAP Programs: A Tool for Critical Discussions?

The “Discussion Tool” was produced by FRIENDS to help State Lead Agencies work with their funded programs to facilitate appropriate conversations when considering implementing evidence-based or evidence-informed programs and practices. The Discussion Tool is divided into 7 sections that cover 4 paths programs can follow. These sections are:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Implementation with Fidelity
  • Implementation with Adaptation
  • Implementing New Programs
  • Strengthening Existing Programs
  • Appendices

The resource includes worksheets that help agencies evaluate capacity, templates for evaluation and implementation planning along with resources for programs to use while they explore existing evidence-based programs and practices.

How can State Lead Agencies access the Discussion Tool?

This Discussion Tool can be accessed in full by contacting your T/TA coordinator to develop a plan for training and technical assistance that is appropriate for your state and programs needs. To help states and programs explore the Discussion Tool for appropriateness, an excerpt from the resource can be accessed by following the links found here. This excerpt only includes 3 sections of the completed resource.

Why can’t I download the entire Discussion Tool?

The Discussion Tool was designed to be used in a training environment with TA providers that help guide the conversations in a constructive way. Due to this, the resource, in its entirety, is only available in that supported training setting. To discuss scheduling training, contact your T/TA coordinator.

What trainings are offered using the Discussion Tool?

FRIENDS offers a variety of trainings utilizing the Discussion Tool as a basis. These trainings include both the Initial Steps and the actual work using the Discussion Tool directly. These trainings include:

  • Basic Logic Model Construction – This training provides programs with information in the components of logic model construction. The intent of the training is for programs to develop a working logic model for their program. This training is offered in several ways. State Lead Agencies can attend a training of trainers version or can schedule FRIENDS staff for on-site training or utilize an online course through the FRIENDS Online Learning Center.
  • Advanced Logic Model Training – This training provides programs that already have logic models with an intensive training to help strengthen their existing plans. This training is provided in an on-site format and will provide feedback to programs on their plan design.
  • Data Collection and Utilization – This training is designed to help programs take their evaluation to the next level through developing strategies to collect data, understand their data, and use that knowledge to strengthen their daily practice. This training is offered on-site and via an online course through the FRIENDS Online Learning Center.
  • Understanding Evidence-Based Programming – This training provides programs with a basic understanding of what evidence-based programming entails, definitions of implementation with fidelity and adaptation, and how these concepts apply for the CBCAP PART efficiency measure. This training is offered on-site.

FRIENDS Resources In Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Practice

Excerpt from Integrating Evidence Based Practices into CBCAP Programs: A Tool for Critical Discussions

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